Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Now What Remaking - Next Workshop - Monday 20 July - 18:00 - Dublin City Centre - Venue TBC

now what ? Remaking - Workshop #1, Smock Alley Cafe 13/07/09

The next Now What Remaking workshop will be on on Monday. See the details in the subject line.

The public conversation 'home' on Monday in Richview also looks interesting and we’ll try to go and have a chat to some of the other workshops about collaborating.

I’ve invited everyone to become a member of the Blog and Google Group.

I’ll circulate some more detailed notes of yesterday’s meeting later in the week.

We agreed to concentrate on case studies in Clondalkin and Balbriggan, a Dublin suburb and a stand-alone town. Other suggestions are welcome.

We agreed to have a look at the map of each of these and circulate ideas for interventions in Clondalkin and Balbriggan by Saturday. Please also circulate on the Blog or Google Group any leads for references relating to these places or existing or possible contacts.

Good luck
James Leahy

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